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May 13, 2015

MCD – Managerial Competency DevelopmentIMG_5931

Aims at providing training on  leadership skills, soft skills development, professional competency, off campus training, Industry interaction etc., for students to enhance their managerial capability 

Entrepreneurial Mentoring

Entrepreneurship Mentor ship program for students aims to increase the success rate of start-up entrepreneurs by providing them the knowledge and expertise to make good business decisions on their own by creating a contact with network of entrepreneurs and give them guidance and  full support.

C2B1CARE to Be?

 Annual management meet conducted for all graduates in order to help them explore their managerial skills. The event consist of various contests like Ad zap, IPL Auction, Management Bingo, Video case, Mime, Debate etc. These events helps the students understand the need of management education and addressing the needs of the society. The event also gives a platform for the graduates to interact with student community of various colleges from different places.


Social connect programmes

Through Social Connect Programmes, they learn to participate in positive, safe and respectful relationships, defining and accepting individual and group roles and responsibilities. In developing and acting with personal and social capability, students appreciate diverse perspectives and contribute to civil society .

Some of the social awareness programmes conducted regularly are:

  • E-waste awareness campaign
  • Go-Green Initiative

Stock Market simulationtrek

Provided with In house built stock market tool to facilitate students with simulation of real time trading experience and managing a virtual portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and commodities. This facilitates the students to learn the nuances in stock market.

Market Research

Market research provides relevant data to help solve marketing challenges that a business will most likely face as an integral part of the business planning process. Students get opportunities to research about   products or brands and also to create or Re-launch a brand.

Outbound training

Students are regularly taken out for various activities to get exposure on teambuilding and leadership skills. Some of our programme includes Management games and trekking in rough terrains with guidance of trained professionals. These activities  enhance their fitness level and develop healthy traits like courage, positive attitude, kindness and empathy for a healthy life.

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