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    Our Department has Well Equipped Computer Labs with State of the Art Infrastructure. The Internet is a Repository of Information for Easy Reference and This is Used Extensively by Teachers and Students to Keep Abreast of Latest Developments. Students Work Regularly on Technology to Present Academic Projects. The Students in our Campus Enjoy the Following Facilities.

Eco Friendly Classrooms

Well equipped and up-to-date computer laboratory

High-Speed Internet communication links

Department Library

Overhead projector with screen

Well Qualified Faculties’

Seminars and Conferences

Artistically Designed Campus

Our Department has conducted Career and Professional Development Programmes to Enrich Students Knowledge Development.

C and C++ Programming

Java SE7 (ORACLE Certified Program)

Open Source Programming-Python

.NET Programming

CISCO Certification Program

System Administration

Web Development using PHP

Mobile App Development in Android

Big Data and Cloud Computing

Introduction to SQL2.0 (ORACLE Certified Program)