19’Hertz – “Everything is Theoretically Impossible until its Done”

19’Hertz – “Everything is Theoretically Impossible until its Done”

So why don’t we test that? Come on! Enter our world where the opportunities are limitless. A place where exploring is fun and learning is unforgettable. We heartily invite every student to participate in our life changing and thought provoking events and take home lasting memories.

For the technical freaks, we have intense activities to find solutions to those flaming fires. For the cool and calm birds, we have non-technical events which not only makes it fun but also provides an awakening statement to the dreamers.

19’HERTZ is a national level technical symposium organized by Electronics and Communication Engineering Student Association (E.C.S.A) to spark the underlying flame within each and every student. The main aim of ECSA is to uncover a mind that scintillates with brilliance and to appreciate adroit pupil working with high frequency in the field of ECE via 19’HERTZ. Our event takes place on FEB 14 and 15, 2019. We welcome you to experience our mesmerizing infrastructure to get inspired.

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