Advisory Commitee

July 28, 2018


Ar. R.Anantha Krishna

Director , Architecture Department,
R.V.College of Engineering , Bangalore
Member Advisory Board CSOA


Ar.Prof. Anurag Roy

 Practicing Architect, New Delhi
Member Advisory Board CSOA


Ar. Dr.Ranee Solomon

Professor and Chairperson
Faculty of Architecture ,
School of Architecture & Planning ,Chennai
Member Advisory Board CSOA


Ar, Prof.K.Jaisim

Practicing Architect , Bangalore
Member Advisory Board CSOA

Ar.Yatin Pandya

Practicing Architect , Ahamadabad
Member Advisory Board CSOA



Ar.M.Murali Murugan

Practicing Architect , Chennai
Member Advisory Board CSOA




Prof. Durganand

Member Advisory Board CSOA




Core Faculty


Ar.Vijaykumar Sengottuvelan

Designation: Director
Qualification: B.Arch., (1983) SAP, Chennai
Specialization : Climate Responsive Architecture



Ar. Ramalingam

Designation : Professor
Qualification : B.Arch., (1983) SAP, Chennai
Ph.D Registered



Ar. Godwin Emmanuel

Designation: Principal
Qualification:B.Arch.,M.Arch (Landscape).,(PhD)
Specialization : Landscape Architecture.



Ar. Judith Belinda Laura

Designation: Assistant Professor & HOD
Qualification: B.Arch., M.Arch.,
Specialisation : Environmental Architecture


Ar. Senthilkumar

Designation: Assistant Professor
Specialization : Architecture.



Ar. Jothimani

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.Arch., (M.Arch)





Ar. Ophylia Vinodhini

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification:B.Arch.,M.Arch.(Landscape) (Ph.D.)
Specialization : Landscape Architecture.



Artist. Palanivel

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.F.A., (M.F.A)
Specialization :  Architectural 3D Visualization


Ar. Karthikeya

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.Arch.(CEPT Univ),MFA ( Specialization in Architecture) Umeå University
Specialization : Sustainability & Architectural Design


Ar. Karthick Chezhian

Designation: Teaching Associate
Qualification: B.Arch. (S.R.M, chennai)



Ar. Senthil kumar

Designation: Teaching Associate
Qualification: B.Arch. (C.A.R.E, Trichy)


Adjunct Faculty



Ar. Chandranesan

Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: B.Arch.,




Ar. Vidhya Shankar

Designation: Assistant Professor
Specialization : Theory & Design


Ar. Ramalakshmi

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.Arch.(NIT, Nagpur),M.Arch (Theory and Design, CEPT, Ahmedabad).
Specialization : Theory & Design,


Ar. Naveen

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.Arch.,PGDPD,Design for Retail Experience
Specialization : Retail Experience design, Experiential marketing,Branding, industrial design,





Ar. Balaji Rajasekaran

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.Arch.,M.Arch ( AA-DRL, London)
Specialization : Architecture & Urbanism


Ar. Diwakar Kaushik

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.Arch.,M.A.U.D ( Singapore )
Specialization : Urban design,Environmental Sustainability,Landscape Design,Mobility Planning


Ar. Surabhi Shingarey

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.Arch.(NIT, Nagpur),M.Arch (Theory and Design, CEPT, Ahmedabad).
Specialization : Theory & Design,



Artist. Manickvachagam

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification:  PG.D.F.A, M.A (History)





Ar. Haribabu

Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.Arch. (NIT, Trichy)




Guest Faculty



Prof. Neelkanth Chhya





Prof. P.V.K. Rameshwar





Prof. HariMohanPillai



Prof. Durganand

Member Advisory Board CSOA


Ar.  Senthilkumar Doss




Ar. Mahesh Radakrishnan

Mahesh Radhakrishnan is an Architect and Designer based in Chennai. He is the founding partner of a small architectural practice with a long name – MOAD – The Madras Office for Architects and Designers.
With interest in critically understanding city, architecture and place making, His work is focused on design as a creative response to context and collaboration.Prior to MOAD his multidisciplinary work experience include designing a washing scrubber, study of master plan for Addis Abba, design of sets for theatre, documentation of life of truck drivers on Indian highway, co-founding a gorilla group that fixed pot holes on roads, designed an interactive climbing game with his friends and published a research on the transforming city of Chennai.He received his bachelors degree from Regional Engineering College – now NIT Tiruchirappalli in 1999 and was a Research scholar at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in Germany in 2002 .His architectural work experience include Adrian McGregor Associates, Sydney and Christopher Charles Benninger and Associates, Pune and CnT, Bangalore. He has been a guest critic at University of Sydney and New South Wales and several Architectural schools across India. He was a panelist at the Kurla Varkey Design Forum at CEPT
He is trustee of Chennai Architecture Foundation – CAF and an Associate of Urban Design Collective UDC, both, not for profit organisations promoting Architecture and sustainable urban practices respectively through advocacy and research.

Ar. Utsav Mathur

Utsav Mathur earned his Masters in Advanced Architecture from the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona, where he focused on Computational Design, Robotics, Digital Fabrication, Augmented and Virtual Reality among other technologies. His pioneering research on shell structures has been referenced globally, and he constructs thin shell concrete structures with his patented technology and in-house execution team at Infinity & Beyond Building Solutions, which was founded by him in 2013 after graduating from NIT Trichy. He has built two such structures in India, and is currently working on his first brick form-active shell. He founded GMETRI in 2017 as his venture into bringing technologies like Virtual and Augmented reality among others, to the masses in an accessible forma


Ar.Deepika Shetty

 Ar.Deepika Shetty, an architect, Urban Designer with a doctorate in Urban Design. She is an academician and has been a faculty member in MIT, University since 1995. She has been working on theory of Design, Indian Philosopy of aesthelicsss Urban Design theory. Space Syntax analysis as well as understand social and cultural aspects in town planning. Ar.DeepiShetty is a member of the Dissertation panle 2015-2016



Ar. Venkatesh

Ar. Venkatesh  an alumnus of CEPT has held major positions as planner and consultant in a gamut of urban, regional, infrastructural and landscape design projects. His expertise lies in project management, in the preparation and implementation of master plans (including landscaping) starting from conceptual evolution, infrastructural planning to implementation. He is also involved in preparation of perspective plan for industrial and economic corridor regions, landuse planning, ecological planning and development of sustainable green corridors besides being involved in development of guidelines and regulations and business development of smart city programme module.