March 14, 2019


Development of human Action (DHAN) Foundation, Madurai, is a pioneering development institution that aims to built poverty-free, gender-balanced, equitable, ecological-sensitive, democratic, just and value-based inclusive society. DHAN foundation are partners in the school’s Rural studio programme, that aims to transcend mere documentation and dwelve in to more meaningful and comprehensive understanding of the rural scenario to evolve effective solution into contextual sensitivity.


C.A.R.E. School of Architecture is an partner in Lens, India-a Learning network in sustainability, an initiative of the European union Erasmus programme which aims to enhance quality in higher education through academic co-operation between EU and rest of the world. The other partner institutions in the collaboration are IIT, Guwahati, /IIT, Kharagpur /Goa school of Architecture /shrishti school of design, Bangalore /IIIT, Jabalpur /vasthu Shilpa Foundation, Ahmadabad /Hunner Shilpa Foundation, Kutch, Gujarat.

MOU with Center of Environmental Planning and Technology(CEPT),Ahmadabad, a premier national institute in Architecture Education.



The school is a part of conglomerate, connected collaborations (CC), with Avani institute of Design, Kozhikode, kerala, school of Environment and Architecture,Mumbai, Wadiyar center for Architecture, Mysore, as other constituent Members. This conglomerate was formed with the Intention to establish potent learning networks amongst schools offering Architectural education and to share experience and Resource for enhance learning.


More  than  a third  of our students bag  internships and  jobs at the  top  20 architectural practices in India and  Asia. we thank  all the  architects from Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for supporting us in our endeavour to provides quality  education in the  discipline of Architecture.



Spontaneous Architecture Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design (SABA) is an offshoot of the Architectural programme at the Bezalel University, and founded by author and academician Prof. Sharon Rothbard . An international travel studio started with the intent to produce no violent Architecture, Born out of the land, the Spontaneous Architecture studio 2014, was a collaboration with C.A.R.E. School of Architecture. The objective of the studio was to craft pavilions with locally available materials, technology and carftmen, for the krishi vigyan kengra, Thiruchirapalli.


COCOON was a co-operation between AARUS, School of Architecture particularly their “context” studio and C.A.R.E. School of Architecture, Tirchy. to develop the solutions, which were fit for the design in the local context and for the environment at the agricultural school of Krishi vigyan kengra in Tamil Nadu, India exploring bamboo as  a building material for complex spacial forms. This first experimental building in bamboo and stone was exhibited at the Milan Design week 2015. Henceforth Cocoon has been presented in many international forums including the world bamboo congress – 2016 and has featured in many national magazines. The Cocoon was recently shortlisted in the top 50 in the FIBRA Awards (First world prize for contemporary plant fiber based Architecture).The finalist building will be presented in a book and a travelling exhibition which is due to open in Paris in August, 2019.




Avani,  Calicut – CARE – SEA – WCFA ,Mysore

Four  school  of Architecture,came together  with a mandate of rethinking Architectural pedagogies and   tools   for  a  more   meaningful engagement  with  people, place   and environment .The theme for this years studio was “Care and Connectedness.”

Each School hosted two members from partnering Institutions within their SEM IV Design Studios and  investigated   the  ontological questions on  learning environments, health, habitation and community,