Mid semester Review

The intent of the school versus the pedagogy adopted for content delivery in studios and theory subjects was the topic of critical discussion in the recently concluded mid -semester review. Mid-semester reviews are always looked upon as a time to retrospect on the past year and workout the way forward for the forthcoming academic year.[…]

Mid- Semester review 2016 – 2017

Mid- Semester review 2016 for semester 3-a wayfarer’s pause point,sem-5 –Habitat design, and sem-9 –Revitalization of the Uyyakondan canal ,by an Eminent panel comprising of Ar.P.G.Sivakumar,Ar.Durganand Balasaver,Ar.Balasubramanian,Ar.Sathish Moses,Ar.Praveen,Mr.MadanKumar,Dhan Foundation,Mr.Pamayan,expert in organic farming. C.A.R.E. wishes to thank these experts for taking time off their busy schedules to spend time with us and for their valuable inputs[…]